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Beginning With Mother Goose
Especially For Dads
Growing With Mother Goose

Mother Goose Asks "Why?"
You Can Count on Mother Goose
Mother Goose Meets Mother Nature

Mother Goose Cares About Social Studies
Mother Goose Cares About The Early Years
Mother Goose Cares About Math and Science

What's the BIG Idea?™ Making Math and Science Come Alive for Children and Families
Red Clover Award Program
Beyond Difference


The main goal of Beyond Difference is to infuse children’s learning with pictures, stories and facts to help them understand the nature, development and complexity of U.S. society. At the same time, Beyond Difference helps them understand and articulate how they and their lives, families and communities are the same, and yet at the same time different from people and situations they may see as “other.”

Using diverse picture books helps children become more careful social observers and critical thinkers. With the guidance of an educator, they can learn how to think about a story and ask important questions such as:

  • Who’s telling the story?
  • What would the story be from another perspective?
  • What are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of a given situation?

What's included in the Beyond Difference Starter Set

What's included in the Core Collection?

By reading, talking, making connections and seeing new and diverse characters and situations, children and educators are truly able to go Beyond Difference.

Download a free sample activity from the Educator Resource Guide or browse through its table of contents.

Why use picture books to talk about diversity? And why use picture books in an upper elementary classroom, when children usually "graduate" to chapter books?

Using picture books to introduce diversity into elementary programs

What have teachers, librarians and students said about the Beyond Difference Program?

What are this year's Best of Beyond Difference titles?



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