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Beginning With Mother Goose
Especially For Dads
Growing With Mother Goose

Mother Goose Asks "Why?"
You Can Count on Mother Goose
Mother Goose Meets Mother Nature

Mother Goose Cares About Social Studies
Mother Goose Cares About The Early Years
Mother Goose Cares About Math and Science

What's the BIG Idea?™ Making Math and Science Come Alive for Children and Families
Red Clover Award Program
Beyond Difference




Children are naturally curious. They love to explore the world around them—they question, observe, predict, experiment, sort and classify, just like a scientist.

Mother Goose Asks “Why?” links children’s literature to science by using picture books and a family activity guide filled with projects that make science learning fun.

Like stories, scientific investigations usually start with a question or a problem. Reading provides opportunities to identify and explore problems using the imagination, process skills of science, and tools to find solutions. And reading together encourages the sharing of ideas.

The Mother Goose Asks "Why?" family activity guide, picture books and activity kit provide:
• Information about science for young children, including the Process Skills of Science
• Standards-based explorations for you and your child to do together
• Ideas for making science part of your everyday lives together

What does Mother Goose Asks "Why?" include?

Download a free sample activity from the family activity guide or browse through the guide's table of contents.

Why use picture books to learn about science?

How can I explore science every day with my child?

What are some books about science I can read with my child?

What do parents say about Mother Goose Asks "Why?"



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