Mother Goose ProgramsFor over 25 years the Vermont Center for the Book has not only helped change the lives of thousands of young children and their families, but it has empowered librarians, teachers and child-care providers to use picture books, conversation, and standards-based activities to transform the learning lives of thousands of young children all over the country.

How do we do this?  In short, with our Mother Goose Programs, we’ve put into practice what children’s librarians have always known:  You can use a picture book to talk about—and learn about—virtually anything.

What’s new?
We’ve just posted the vote tally for this year’s Red Clover Award…

And the nominees for the 2015-2016 Red Clover Award have been announced!

Are you looking for more activities and other Red Clover Award resources? Library media specialists (and Red Clover committee members) Carol Scrimgeour and Kate Davie have put together an excellent Red Clover program resource for all educators. Be sure to visit their Red Clover Award website when you have a chance.

We brought together new and “old” VELI librarians in Spring 2015 for a two-day training conference. Participating librarians received books, hands-on learning materials and resources for in-library and outreach programs. They were also trained to work with Family, Friends and Neighbors (FFN) providers who take care of children from birth through preschool.

Thanks to Vermont Birth to Five, childcare providers in Windham County and St. Albans were trained in More Than Feelings in March and April.

We presented Push and Pull: Exploring Scientific Inquiry in the Early Childhood Classroom at the VT Association for the Education of Young Children conference last fall with our colleague April Zajko. Here are some resources from the session:

Push and Pull Book List
Collecting Data and Graphic Representation
Inventory of Materials-Force and Motion
Force and Motion Book List-Zajko
VAEYC Paper/Flight Activities
NSTA Position Statement: Early Childhood Science Education (2014)
Let it Roll: Exploring Motion With Young Children (Science and Children)
Ramps and Pathways (NAEYC)
Dialogue for Kids: Idaho Public Television
Teach Junkie (blog)

Last year’s Red Clover Award Conference handouts have been uploaded. It was a great conference! Kudos to keynote speaker David Macaulay and endnote speaker Leda Schubert—and to all of you who attended. Would you like to purchase this year’s Red Clover Award guide? Contact us to purchase the guide and we’ll send you all the info.