Educator Resources 2016-2018

Red Clover Award voting deadline is April 9 (tally sheet below). However, we will count ALL votes submitted through the month of April. Every vote counts!

Bookmark this page! We will continue to upload activities and other information for educators, librarians and homeschoolers. And if you haven’t already, check out the Red Clover Award website developed by Carrie Speranza.

From the Educator Resource Guide
Red Clover Award committee 2017-2018
Background, History and How to Participate
Exploring Picture Books: Text, Illustration, Design, Technology

Activities (links should all be live)
M.C. Baker’s art activities for ALL the books–what a resource!
Daniel Finds a Poem
Dragon Was Terrible
Ada’s Violin
I Dissent
Otters Love to Play
The Princess and the Warrior
Penguin Problems
They All Saw a Cat (draft version)

Graphic organizer: Arguing the merits of Red Clover Award nominees (CCLA)

Red Clover Award individual ballot
Red Clover Award tally sheet
Red Clover Award clip art

Red Clover cow logo

From the Fall 2017 Conference
Diversity Resources (Gaia Cornwall keynote)
Art and Design in Picture Books (Grace Greene)
STEM and Whoosh! (Meredith Wade)
Developing Thinking Skills and Character: Habits of Mind Through Red Clover Books (Miller and Bryce)
Everyday Diversity (Cass Mabbott)

Writing prompts (Lis Zwick):
Landfill Invention- Ada’s Violin
Frankencrayon Scribble Story
Cancelled Play-Frankencrayon
Penguin Problems and Walrus Wows
Dragon Was Terrible-How Do You Tame It?
Whoosh! Invent a Robot
Recycled Instruments-Ada’s Violin
Perseverance-Ada’s Violin
Rubric for Red Clover Writing Prompts
How Do You Dissent?
Comparing Folktales
They All Saw the Cat
Daniel Finds a Poem Nature Images
Otters Love to Play and Move
What is Poetry?